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The other compatibility issue with DL discs is that some older DVD players may not recognize the format -- DL recordable discs did not exist when the players were built.

And, of course, smaller pits means more data on the surface of the disc. While this sounds great for data storage, the real driving force behind the development of blue-laser discs has been the desire to fit high-definition movies on disc. However, high-def requires around a 6X improvement in capacity to support x video, in comparison to standard-definition x Unfortunately, not satisfied with the confusion caused by the competing "dash" and "plus" recordable formats, the DVD industry has become embroiled in a full-fledged format war over blue-laser discs. In the other camp is Blu-ray Disc BDa more aggressive step forward championed by Sony and Panasonic, with strong support from the consumer electronics and computer industries see www.

The Blu-ray camp is more interested in taking a larger leap to the next generation, and offers 25 Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL of capacity per layer, or 50 GB for a DL disc. The HD DVD camp then responds that its format will be easier to manufacture, and therefore will be less expensive. The worst part of this format war Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL that it's not like dash vs. With dash and plus, once you burned a disc, it was designed to be compatible with all DVD players -- the format only mattered when burning. This is not only a pain for consumers burning and sharing recordable discs, but also for the movie studios who want to release their content on a high-def format.

Clearly, the uncertainty, and fear of choosing the "wrong" format, will slow the adoption of blue-laser DVD.


Blue-Laser Products There's been talk Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL of a grand reconciliation between the two formats. But this is not just a matter of changing specs on paper. Both camps Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL well along in the development of test disc manufacturing and replication lines with a broad array of partners -- they have produced millions of discs, and have published results showing they have the factory manufacturing processes under control, already close to the times and specs for current DVDs. Meanwhile, both camps are lining up Hollywood studios and broadcasters to support their formats. HD DVD is promising to ship players before the end ofand studios have announced some 90 titles to start shipping in Q4.

The Blu-ray camp is more interested in full-function devices that both play and record, and is finalizing the content protection technology before shipping products, targeting early But remember that a key driver for blue-laser DVD was the need to support HD content, requiring a 6X increase in capacity. But don't count out red-laser yet. The same improved compression opens the tantalizing possibility of storing more material, even HD, on discs much closer to plain old DVDs.

These are intended to provide lower-cost alternatives to DVD and high-def DVD by working with red laser, adopting newer compression formats, and avoiding at least some of the licensing fees required for the standard formats. Why not three, or four, or even eight? However, most Hollywood releases these days are on dual-layer DVD-9 discs, and HD features also could use more than Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL 15 GB, so just a single layer of each was not so exciting.


In MayToshiba announced the development of two more improvements. The other is a double-sided disc, with a dual-layer DVD on one side 8. But why stop at three layers? Page 12 Connect the cables. Hint If your computer Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL digital playback, you do not need to connect the audio cable to the analog audio connector. Page 13 Install the drive into a 5-inch drive bay with the supplied screws. Replace the computer cover, and then reconnect the power cable to the outlet. Start your computer, and make sure that the drive is detected.

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On the Windows desktop, open [My Computer], and verify that a new drive icon is displayed. Page 14 Insert the supplied software disc into the drive, and then install Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL software on the disc.


Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Hints You do not need serial numbers when you install the software on the supplied software disc.

Sony DRU-800A Operating Instructions Manual

Appropriate Jumper Settings Appropriate Jumper Settings Depending on the settings of your computer, Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL one of the following configurations. Hint Your computer has two IDE connectors: You can connect up to two devices to each connector using cables one master device and one slave device Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL cable; Refer to the documentation of each software for details about their operation. Supplied Software The supplied software disc contains the following software.

Using Generic Software With The Drive Using software other than the supplied software such as generic software, shareware, or freeware to write data to disc with this drive is not under warranty and Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL offers no customer service if problems arise from using such software. Make sure that the supplied writing software and generic writing software do not coexist on your computer. Compatible Discs Compatible Discs The following discs are compatible with the drive. Depending on your software and media, this speed may Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL.

For more details on writing speed by disc type, access the user support web site see page Jul 12, Sony DRU-800ADRX-800UL The DRXUL is the external drive version of Sony's dual layer DRUA burner. It's encased in a solid and bulky plastic casing which. Free Download Sony DRUA/DRXUL ODD Firmware KY06 (Firmware).

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