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The focus here is on both kickass quality, features and performance, so you're going to get average performance running in Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB of the regular graphics modes. You'll understand the purpose behind that warning in just a second.


Parhelia's strength is noticeable immediately: The card is not a raw number pusher, but Anti-Aliasing performance is excellent, even though it's running in a 16X mode. It's pretty impressive considering the differences in image quality more on that below. Also impressive is that there was a very small performance drop when Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB AA, which was obviously not the case with the GF4 cards.

One error of note is that I actually experienced a blue screen while running XS Mark on the Parhelia. This was a most pleasant surprise. Not only does Parhelia fare quite well here besting both cards with AA enabled but it also ran the three Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB without any graphical issues, making it the first non-NVIDIA card I've tested to be able to do so.

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Whereas Chameleon Mark measures pixel shader capabilities, Shark Mark Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB all about the vertex shaders. And with some DX9 functionality built in to their quad vertex shaders, the Parhelia excels at this test.

Kind of disappointing results coming Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB the Ti, eh? Despite the lower core speed it runs very close to the speed of the Ti Perhaps this is a case where the extra hardware and massive amounts of memory bandwidth kick in.

Some driver improvements could, I think, easily push the Parhelia farther here. Now, on to some actual games: Had a bit of a hard time trying to get Wolfenstein to work correctly at first Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB finally did, only to find out that it wasn't a problem with the card or drivers but with the game.

Matrox Parhelia-512

I had to delete the MP config file and let the game create a new one, otherwise it wouldn't enable multi-texturing, compressed textures, and such. You can imagine what that would do to performance.

Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB Again the Parhelia's strong point is its performance with AA enabled, nearly besting the Ti This test of Serious Sam: In OpenGL the Parhelia performed much worse for some reason. This is with the 'extreme quality' settings. At any rate, the numbers here aren't much unless Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB look at the AA, where the Parhelia takes a small lead over the Ti Honestly I had expected the Parhelia to perform a bit better here, with quad texturing and such enabled. I'm really not sure why. I've heard from Matrox that there are some problems with Comanche 4 and their current drivers, problems that are on the to-do list of things to fix or improve.

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I can see where the improvement is needed, but as it is the performance isn't too bad. A small drop with AA enabled here.

Matrox Parhelia (AGP 8x, 256MB)

Graphically, Giants ran without any issues; no artifacts or messed up special effects. I'll make an educated Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB and say whatever is causing the lower performance here is the same thing that's causing lower performance in Comanche 4.

Now, these cards are expensive and you don't get much of a software bundle. Features[ edit ] The Parhelia was the first GPU by Matrox to be equipped with a bit memory bus, giving it an advantage over other cards of the time in the area of memory bandwidth. The "" suffix refers Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB the bit ring bus.


The Parhelia processor featured Glyph acceleration, where anti-aliasing of text was accelerated by the hardware. The frame buffer is in RGBA Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB link TMDS is supported via external controller connected to the digital interface. The "Surround Gaming" support allowed the card to drive three monitors creating a unique level gaming immersion.


For example, in a flight simulator or sim racingthe middle monitor could Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB the windshield while the left and right monitors could display the side views offering peripheral vision. However, only 2 displays can be controlled independently.

Matrox Parhelia (PHA8X) MB DDR SDRAM AGP 4x/8x Graphics adapter eBay

The Parhelia was only competitive with the older Matrox Parhelia 128MB256MB and GeForce 3which typically cost half as much. However, ATI's Radeon was released later that year, with a considerably larger transistor count million vs. The card's fillrate performance was formidable in games that used many texture layers; though equipped with just 4 pixel pipelines, each had 4 texture units. This, unfortunately, proved not to be an efficient arrangement in most situations. Parhelia MB The Parhelia MB is an EOL product and is no longer being manufactured or sold by Matrox. The Matrox Parhelia MB AGP8x multi monitor graphics card offers reliability, high image quality, and innovative features.

The Matrox Parhelia MB AGP Hands on testing of Matrox's High End Gaming Card By -Dave Up to MB DDR unified frame buffer.

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