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Page 13 Chapter 2 — InstallationStep 5: Configure the modem for bestperformanceWith Micorsoft Operating System, you can configure your modem using HyperTerminal. Ensure that there MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global not other applications running that could take control of the com port to which themodem is connected.

MultiTech MultiZBA (MTZBA-GLOBAL-GB) 56 Kbps eBay

Disable fax service and routingt and remote access if running. To configure your modem, follow these steps: Ensure that the modem serial cable supplied with your modem MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global connected. TD — Transmit Data. Flashes MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global the modem is transmitting data to another modem. RD — Receive Data. Flashes when the modem is receiving data.

CD — Carrier Detect. Lights when the modem detects a valid carrier signal from another modem. It is on when themodem MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global communicating with the other modem, and off when the link is broken.

MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global access the Internet and Web viayour modem, you must establish a dial-up account with an Internet service provider ISP. To locate an ISP near you,look in a local directory or computer publication. You can open the guide from the CD or youdownload the guide to your hard drive and then open it.

With password-protected remote MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global, you can issue AT commands to a remote modem formaintenance or troubleshooting as if you were on site. Basic ProcedureThe following steps can be used when the connection is established by the local or the remote modem. Callback security protects your network fromunauthorized access and helps control long-distance costs.


When callback security is enabled, all callers are requestedto enter a password. If a valid password is received, the modem hangs up and returns the call by dialing a phone numberthat is stored with the password. Open a data communications program such as HyperTerminal or PhoneTools.

In the terminal window, type AT Sxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxx is your password. If Windows cannot detect your modem, MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global modem may be turned off, it may be unplugged, it may be plugged into the wrong connector on your computer, or the serial cable may be faulty. A dialog box with a list of manufacturers and a list of modem models appears. In the Install MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global Disk dialog box, select the drive the installation disk is in, and then click OK.

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Your MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global is listed in the Install New Modem dialog box. Select the port you want to use with the modem, and click Next. Wait while Windows installs and configures the modem.

MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global Finish to exit. Removing Your Old Modem from Windows When your new modem replaces another modem, the old modem installation remains in Windows after you install the new modem, and the old modem is still selected in HyperTerminal and other Windows applications. Though you can change the application connection descriptions one at a time, it is easier to force Windows applications to use the new modem by removing the old modem from Windows. Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.


Double-click the Modems icon to open MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global Modems Properties dialog box. In the list box, select the old modem. Click Remove, then click Close. The next time you dial a HyperTerminal connection, it will select your new modem and ask you to confirm the selection. Configuring the Modem for Your Country Different countries have different requirements for how modems must function.

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Therefore, before you use the modem, you must configure it to match the defaults MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global the country in which you are using it. You can use one of two configuration methods: Global Wizard Configuration Utility. This configuration utility is recommended for computers running Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT 3. The MTZBA-Global is the Not Recommended for New Designs member of the family.


The MultiModem ZBA business modem supports remote configuration for centralized setup and control, as well as callback security making it.

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