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And computer aided instruction CAI — the use of the computer as an interactive teaching machine— is becoming more widespread as a supplement to Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe traditional teaching methods. The computer has found a permanent home in the schools, and we will see more and more of them in the years to come.

This column will investigate computers and education, and the ways they entwine. We hope to cover all aspects of how computers and Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe help enhance and complement one another. I will be reporting monthly on some particular aspect of this synergistic com- bination. If you have any specific needs or interests, let me know. If you as a hobbyist, teacher, manufacturer, retailer, publisher are do- Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe something unique with computers and education, I will report on it here. CAI is one of the most talked about applications for microcomputers. It is so important, that I have chosen it as my first topic of discussion. The computer becomes a one-on-one tutor for the student. Learning material is programmed into the computer, and the student simply calls it up in sequence at his own pace. The computer is a good learning facilitator.

It has proven effective in teaching a wide Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe of subjects. Its primary value is in helping to individualize instruc- tion, that is, allow each student to work at his or her own pace.

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It is not the intent of the computer to replace the teacher. The computer can perform routine chores, leaving the teacher more time for indivi- dual help. The computer also Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe slow students catch up or fast students go beyond average and slower students.


CAI is an outgrowth of developments in psychology, education and computers. All of these came together in the Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe 50s and early 60s. With this discovery, programmed instruction or PI was born.


Early PI was implemented in printed form. In the 60s, teaching machines were invented. These machines used slides, filmstrips, audio cassettes, and other media to automate presentation. It is also the use of the computer for drill and practice, the repetitive presentation of problems and questions for the development of skills or the review of facts. This type of CAI is good for learning math. Testing is another good CAI application. The computer can represent a series of prob- lems or questions, indicate right and wrong answers, keep score, and compute a grade. Another form of CAI is simulation. Here the computer is pro- grammed to solve an equation or set Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe equations that represent some physical, economic or social system.

Such simulations can be altered and experimented with to determine the outcome of various changes in input variables. A good example is a business applica- tion where factors such as materials and labor costs, marketing ex- penditures, interest rates, inflation, and many other parameters Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe be varied to predict sales and profitability. Such simulations are really learning games. They are fun and truly an effective learning method. While CAI has shown itself to be a good way to teach and has been used on computers over the past 20 years, it has never really lived up to the potential accorded it.

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Well, the main reason is cost. But few can afford it. With the availability of the micro, however, cost is no longer a problem. The answer lies in Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe word— software.

Software, or in the case of CAI, course- ware, is the teaching program that Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe computer presents to the stu- dent. Courseware is difficult to develop. First, the courseware devel- oper must be a subject matter expert.

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He or she must be knowledg- able in the subject he plans to teach. Second, the courseware devel- oper must be an instructional designer. This is a person who knows CAI is an effective teaching method in many subjects. And finally, the courseware developer must be a program- mer. He or she must be able to program the computer with the material to be learned. The problem is this:Ace Multimedia Free Driver Download for Windows - Ace Multimedia OMaster.Exe. World's most popular driver download site. Ace Multimedia driver.

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