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Internet keys enabling programming by help of the iTouch program. When you press any of the multimedia buttons you will see a brief description on your screen.


If you do not like or Logitech iTouch Keyboard not need this function you can remove it in the iTouch configuration by unpicking the "Show on-screen key effect" option. After a little move with the mouse cursor you can see a text description.

Logitech Itouch (keyboard Utility)

After a single click you will see the whole graphic panel, after a double click you will get configuration window of the iTouch program already known from the Deluxe keyboard Settings and iTouch SW Besides the classical configuration menus for internet keys programming Logitech iTouch Keyboard will find here an important menu called Cordless that displays the battery power, enables adding and removing the signaling of LED diodes and contains the Connect button for checking of the connection. When you press the Connect button you are asked for pressing the Connect button on the connected device it is on every cordless device made by Logitech, also on our tested keyboard and mouse.

The same function of the configuration button carries out the Connect button on the radio receiver. Mouse settings After the installation of the original drivers the Logitech iTouch Keyboard settings gain some more possibilities: Quick Setup - options for an overview of the setup buttons with the possibility of running a guide for easier key setup.


The Buttons card serves for more detailed key settings. The Cordless card has the same function as the one on the keyboard.

The WebWheel function added to the middle button wheel makes the work with Internet much easier. Briefly The keyboard deserves our admiration and we can really recommend it.


After the reboot, everything worked perfectly. I don't fault Logitech's software for the little fluke about having to reboot twice to get the shutdown button to work properly. Rather, given how customized my system is, I'm delighted at how easy the installation process was! The configurable buttons on the Logitech iTouch Keyboard can be programmed to either go to a particular web site or launch a program. Everything was so self-explanatory and intuitively easy that I never had to crack open the user's Logitech iTouch Keyboard once. USE For starters, the keyboard and mouse use a radio signal instead of an infra-red beam.

So, there are no alignment issues what so ever. The feel of the keyboard is absolutely perfect.

Need help setting up "extra" keys on a Logitech iTouch Keyboard.

I spend a lot of time on computers professionally and I'm very Logitech iTouch Keyboard about the layout and "springiness" of keyboards that I use. The multimedia buttons and the customizable buttons are arranged in a logical manner and one very cool feature of the Logitech software is the on-screen display! When I turn the speaker volume down for example, a little green volume bar appears on the screen, showing me the volume level. When I press the e-mail button, green text with the name of my e-mail provider pops up on the screen.

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This is something you can enter when you type in the name of the application Logitech iTouch Keyboard web site while configuring your buttons. As for the mouse, it is one of the most comfortable mouses or mice? It works very smoothly and the ability move the mouse around without a cord attached is very liberating.

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