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We also created Folders for each house member well, not the cat which only the User can access. This is where among other things, our Windows backups automagically write to weekly. We highly recommend it and can't emphasize enough the importance of having a backup of your important files. It's your own personal data cloud, and well worth LG N2R1DD2 NAS peace of mind. There is one small issue we have experienced with this device, well, the web admin functionality actually and it has to do with the User passwords for the web admin logins. The panel shows the current state of the N2R1DD2 and can be used with the buttons to set up the system and control a number of its functions.

On top of the N2R1DD2 there is a pop-up panel with a built-in 4-in-1 memory card reader and a USB port where you can plug in a digital camera, flash drive or external hard drive. The two hard drive bays are located behind the N2R1DD2's front cover. Before you can remove a drive from the unit, you need to unlock the disk rack by pushing the lock button upward.

From there, simply squeeze together the two levers and pull the rack from the system. Like the N4B1's rack system, this one is very smooth and it takes very little effort to insert and remove the drives. If LG N2R1DD2 NAS or more of them light up red, there is a problem.

Otherwise, they will light up blue if everything is operating normally. The rear of the N2R1DD2 is pretty straight forward. Along with the DC power connection, there is an 80mm fan.

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This fan is temperature controlled and only spins as fast as needed to keep the system cool. The N2R1DD2 can be purchased with or without hard drives. If you bought a unit without any drives, you'll LG N2R1DD2 NAS to install at least one before the unit is powered on.

N2R1DD2 Support

Simply insert the drives into the racks and screw them into place. When this is done, slide the racks back into their corresponding slot on the unit. With the system software already on the NAS, you just need to LG N2R1DD2 NAS it on and put it into "enclosure mode" by holding down both of the arrow buttons.

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The N2R1DD2 will run through a series of installation tasks and then automatically reboot. After another 60 seconds or so, a sound will indicate the completion of system set up.


Once the N2R1DD2 is up and running, its network connection will need to LG N2R1DD2 NAS configured. Using the NAS Detector software, you can also change the network information, open the web menu or access the network folder. With the network interface configured, you access the web menu by entering the N2R1DD2's IP address into your web browser's address bar.

Initially, you will need to login using the default administrator account. The web menu lets you view information about the system and change its settings.

2TB Super Multi NAS with DVD Re-Writer

It LG N2R1DD2 NAS offers share and service management as well as menus to backup data to and from optical discs and mobile devices. First, we'll take a look at the System Settings. You can also setup mail notifications and update the firmware of the system and DVD drive.


The network settings are pretty straight forward. From here, you can designate a custom host name and description as well as change the IP address properties.

LG N2R1DD2 NAS Review and a Warning Before you Upgrade the Firmware

The N2R1DD2 can also be integrated into an LG N2R1DD2 NAS Directory environment, allowing you to import existing user information. The network interface menu also lets you set the Ethernet frame size. Along with the default bytes, you can choose jumbo frames ranging in size from to bytes. The service monitors the IP address and maps it to a domain name in real time. Instead LG N2R1DD2 NAS using a well known service like DynDNS. 2TB Super Multi NAS with DVD Re-Writer.

Experience superior data security with external and internal drives and burners from LG. Storage capacity: BDXL ultimate capacity lets you store the equivalent of 27 LG N2R1DD2 NAS or 5 Blu-ray discs. Get product support for the LG N2R1DD2. Download N2R1DD2 manuals, documents, and software. View N2R1DD2 warranty information and schedule.

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