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Of course with a maximum rating of The screen is pleasing to the eye with no banding or uneven lighting. In short, it is the best average screen you will find. Keeping my streak alive with MSI laptops, this unit had zero bad pixels.

It isn't the MSI GX640 Notebook JMicron Card Reader itself, but moreso the very weak stability surrounding the jack and the carries on that tradition. The problem is so well known that companies like RKComputers offer repair services if you're uncomfortable with disassembly and soldering and the jack assembly itself is available from RKComputers and a handful of sellers on eBay. It is the one thing MSI should have seriously taken their time to shore up that surrounding connection. With that being stated, treat the power jack carefully, perhaps get a cable mount to stabilize the PSU wire and it should treat you right for the life of the laptop.

The system comes barebones, and the following configuration MSI GX640 Notebook JMicron Card Reader assembled is as follows: MX-2 thermal compound was used for above average heat transference and no curing time.

MSI Review: Power Consumption, Heat generation, Benchmarks oh my! NotebookReview

The uses the exact same fan assembly EF05 as the Those who have used the know that it runs fairly quiet and only under the absolutes of stress will the fan kick into that "special mode," where it becomes decently audible yet still much quieter than many systems out there. Normal usage, the fan purrs away and is not intrusive at all.

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On paper, it has 3x the shaders, 1. Is is a very worthy, low powered upgrade versus the in every way, shape and form.


For those who still rely on 3Dmark If you do use it as a performance gauge, focus in on the SM2. Here is Futuremark Vantage: As expected, the M is a nice upgrade over the M in the which it is logically succeeding.

Driver MSI GX Gaming Notebook for Windows XP-Vista-7 DriversTools

You can find more game specific benchmarks here: Power consumption and heat: All measurements were with a Kill-A-Watt wall adapter to get true readings. The numbers you may find a bit shocking. Under sustained load, the CPU never exceeded 88c which is excellent.

Furmark only torture test The power MSI GX640 Notebook JMicron Card Reader with just the GPU taking the brunt of the Furmark torture test maxes out at 79w. The GPU never exceeds 74c which is a testament to the 28w consumption levels of the M and adequate cooling of the Remember, the Liteon PSU adapter is only rated at w.

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After 5 minutes of stress testing, the adapter was hotter than I have ever felt a laptop PSU. It was very uncomfortable to the touch. More importantly, there are no BIOS level throttle mechanisms in the like the problem many Dell users are experiencing.


That is the good news. The bad news is heat induced throttling kicked in when the cores hit In addition, THRM hit a sizzling This was within 2 minutes of stress testing. Once the temps were that high, throttling was cyclical and predictable. I dug out my trusty Targus w Universal adapter which is also made by Liteon to make sure that w was the actual ceiling andnot the w adapter reaching its limits. Alternatively, I could have waited to see if the PSU failed, system shut down due to insufficient power draw or a combination of both. The w adapter confirmed that w was indeed the upper limit with the system totally being stressed with screen brightness to medium.

The w adapter, even after 10 minutes of stress testing, was crisp and cool to the touch. It is, as expected, bigger than MSI GX640 Notebook JMicron Card Reader w adapter. The MSI GX640 Notebook JMicron Card Reader temps and w PSU temps were very scary indeed. Modifications and heat results: I took the time to track down an extra underside component cover for some cooling modifications and I added some much needed copper heatsinks to the internal heatsinks of the I was unable to attach any heatsinks properly at this time to the CPU heatsink since it is an uneven surface due to the locking clamps. I may add some custom cut blocks when I get a chance.

Driver MSI GX640 Gaming Notebook for Windows XP-Vista-7

The M runs cool enough as is, but the idea was that any heat that could be dissapated at the point of contact versus ferried and vented by the fan would help the CPU if even a little bit. Secondly, I completely opened up the fan intake on the backup cover for optimal air flow.

I then salvaged a 80mm fan guard from an older OCZ PSU for MSI GX640 Notebook JMicron Card Reader finger protection and to use the guard to stabilize the upper left quadrant of the back cover. With the modifications done and Targus w fully in place, I reran all the previous heat inducing tests. Free Download MSI GX Notebook JMicron Card Reader Driver (Card Readers). MSI GX Notebook IMSM DriverMSI GX Notebook MSI GX Notebook JMicron Card Reader Driver

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