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Do not touch the player during this process! The player will switch itself off when it has completed the upgrade.

IRiver H with mSATA SSD

IRiver H300 Rockbox this is completed, when you now start your player up you should initially see a screen saying 'Rockbox Bootloader' at the top before the normal Iriver boot screen appears. You have now successfully installed the bootloader and are ready to install Rockbox itself.


You must now install the Rockbox files on your iriver, or it will simply boot the iRiver H300 Rockbox firmware - see the manual for instructions on how to do this. Selectively install optional components. Install additional fonts and themes. Install voice files and generate talk clips. Uninstall all components you installed using Rockbox Utility. Autodetection can detect most player types.


If autodetection fails or is iRiver H300 Rockbox to detect the mountpoint, make sure to enter the correct values. The mountpoint indicates the location of the player in your filesystem. On Windows, this is the drive letter the player gets assigned, on other systems this is a path in the filesystem.

Rockbox Utility will ask you for a compatible copy of the original firmware. This is because for legal reasons we cannot distribute the bootloader directly. Instead, we have iRiver H300 Rockbox patch the Iriver firmware with the Rockbox bootloader. Supported Iriver firmware versions currently include 1. If the file that you downloaded is a.

Rockbox iriver H320/340 Daily Builds

Likewise, if the file that you downloaded is an. When running Linux you should be able to extract. Choosing a Rockbox version There are three different versions of Rockbox available from the Rockbox website: Release version, current build and archived daily build. You need iRiver H300 Rockbox decide which one you want to install and get the appropriate version for your player.

The release version is the latest stable release, free of known critical bugs. For a manual iRiver H300 Rockbox, the current stable release of Rockbox is available at http: The development build is built at each change to the Rockbox source code repository and represents the current state of Rockbox development. This means that the build could contain bugs but most of the time is safe to use. For a manual install, you can download the current build from http: In addition to the release version and the current build, there is also an archive of daily builds available for download. These are built once a day from the latest source code in the repository. For a manual install, you can download archived builds from http: Because current and archived builds are development versions that change frequently, they may behave differently than described in this manual, or they may introduce new and potentially annoying bugs.

Unless you wish to try the latest and greatest features at the price of possibly greater instability, or you wish to help with development, you should stick with the release. Connect your player to the computer via USB as described in the manual that came iRiver H300 Rockbox your player.

The entire contents of the. Do not try to create a separate directory on your player for the Rockbox files! No, the current Rockbox bootloader has not been tested together with the 1.

First you download a clean iRiver H300 Rockbox file. Then you patch it with the bootloader program. I've installed Rockbox, but I want to use the iriver firmware. Do I need to uninstall Rockbox and re-flash to iriver? Rockbox has a dual-boot feature.

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To boot to the iriver firmware instead of Rockbox: To return to Rockbox, turn off the player and turn it back on without holding REC. How can I do this? The iriver is a fully functioning dual boot port. If you followed the directions contained in the manual you should have no problems booting into the original firmware. SRS is a patented technology, so it is unlikely that it will be implemented in Rockbox. Turned on the H3x0. Attached the unit to your computer. Copied over all of the Rockbox files including the HHEX file. Waited until everything's been written  ‎Installation Notes for Blind · ‎Rockbox Status.

I've installed Rockbox, but I want to use iRiver H300 Rockbox iriver firmware. Rockbox supports the H and H and H10 series, and development has begun on the iFP  ‎I've installed Rockbox, but I · ‎Can I modify the images in.

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