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Amidst Samsung's Series 9 refresh, there is now a model featuring a matte 15 inch screen available. In return, the smallest member has not been updated.

Samsung 900X4D

The 13 inch X3B received new features as part of its overall model revision. The 11 inch X1B was not revised during this product cycle. At the CeBIT tradeshow in Hanover, Germany, the X4B was on display again, showing minor modifications to the aluminum chassis and overall color scheme. Despite the increased display size, the Samsung NP900X4D-A01US Intel Bluetooth remains sleek and stylish.

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Its maximum thickness of Case High-end aluminum unibody chassis As with the other models in the Series 9 family, the X4B features a unibody case fabricated entirely from Samsung NP900X4D-A01US Intel Bluetooth aluminum. The case gives a high-quality impression at first glance and its dual-tone finish adds a touch of style. As one might expect from a device measuring The lid demonstrates high degrees of both compressive strength and torsional stiffness that are pleasantly surprising.

The display can only be twisted by the most marginal degrees and the wrist rest does not yield at all. While the X4B retains Samsung NP900X4D-A01US Intel Bluetooth of the aesthetics of the previous generation of Series 9 notebooks, this generation does not feature the light duralumin trim that was used previously. As well, the case is now charcoal grey instead of black. The touchpad remains offset to the left and is separated from the wrist rest by a visible, tangible aluminum rim.

Samsung NP900X4D-A01US Intel Bluetooth In our review of the Samsung X3A from last year, we noted that its surfaces were coated in a sensitive paint that quickly acquired fingerprints and were difficult to clean. The X4B features surfaces with a similar fingerprint-attracting coating but is at least easier to clean.

Aesthetically, we found the choice to change the color of the display bezel to match the chassis a bit disappointing. Overall, we found the physical and mechanical aspects of the case to be impressive and comparable to those of the Apple MacBook Air. Connectivity For this product revision cycle, Samsung chose to improve connectivity and Samsung NP900X4D-A01US Intel Bluetooth the awkward, albeit stylish, covers from the previous generation.

While the previous generation placed ports in the middle of both sides, the X4B has all ports located in the rear third of each side with a good distribution of ports on each side. The right side features a card reader — hidden by a flap — as well as two USB 3.


The left side houses a power jack, a USB 2. External monitors can be connected to the X4B through the use of either the micro-HDMI or VGA ports Samsung NP900X4D-A01US Intel Bluetooth both options require additional adapters that must be purchased separately. We found Samsung NP900X4D-A01US Intel Bluetooth to be a bit disappointing due to the high price tag of this unit. The required RJ adapter is thankfully included in the package. By using a combination audio jack for both input and output, Samsung manages to save space but at the expense of being able to use both speakers and an external microphone without requiring a separate USB audio adapter. Unfortunately, the faster and more energy efficient Bluetooth 4.

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Security Even though the X4B is not a business model, entry-level security features are installed. Strangely, Samsung omitted the simplest security feature — a Kensington lock slot — in this product cycle. Accessories At first glance, the black product packaging makes a good impression. The choice of a recovery DVD is somewhat bewildering as the notebook does not include an optical drive.


Apparently Samsung chose to break with the accepted practice of using a hidden partition to host system recovery data. The included software bundle is unremarkable and includes only freeware, the typical Microsoft Office trial version, an anti-virus program, and Samsung tools. Most of these applications can be deleted without a Samsung NP900X4D-A01US Intel Bluetooth thought.

Maintenance The Samsung X4B is designed for hassle-free maintenance and expandability. The entire base plate can be taken off after removing a few screws from the underside. All of these components can be easily accessed and removed.

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