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They indicated that it would take 15 days to arrive but it actually arrived two days after I ordered it. I specified ground shipment and they clearly shipped it by air.


Either that or they have a really fast truck that can make it from Austin to New Hampshire in a day. I did select the free Vista coupon upgrade in case I decide to give it a try. I added three aftermarket cards to that system for video, audio and ethernet.

Review of Dell Dimension E521 Desktop With X2 5600+ Processor (under construction)

The E line offers Intel processors. So I felt that I was getting a pretty good deal for this system. I was pretty happy with the HP Pavillion except for one area and that's in building Mozilla products. The Conroe apparently performs very poorly on this task.

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Our daughter started using the Pavillion as it is a great machine for running games and she was squeezing me out of my own office. She has a Dell Inspiron Dell but she has to run an 8 inch desk fan to keep the system cool enough it runs on a Pentium 4. So the time was ripe to pick up a cheap system.

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  • Dell Dimension e521 - AMD Athlon II CPU support?

Dell has had its problem the last few years but I've always enjoyed their products. We have another cheapie Dimension system that's unplugged along with three Dell laptops of Pentium 3 vintage.

Dell Dimension e - AMD Athlon II CPU support? - CPUs

And everything still works. Our son uses it for college classes. I went with a low-end card as most of the stuff that I do is mundane office stuff. One nice thing about the Dell box is that it fits into Dell Dimension E521 AMD Processor trunk of my car. I bought two HP desktops in and neither of those boxes fit in my trunk. I had to do a rather awkward job of putting Dell Dimension E521 AMD Processor into the back seat to bring them home. HP uses this odd box size that's just large enough in all three dimensions to annoy me. Dell also puts their logo on the box while HP doesn't.


I Dell Dimension E521 AMD Processor see a justification for that if you want to decrease theft. Yes, you heard that correctly: With HP, you have to make your own recovery disks which can be a real pain in the neck if you don't have a DVD burner. The keyboard is in the thin box to the right and is an oddly shaped Dell design which they've had for several years. The keys have good travel length though some might consider the keyboard bouncy. And underneath this section is the computer in two pieces of shaped styrofoam. I already had the computer setup so it was too late to get a picture of it in the foam. But here's a picture where you can use your imagination. The back of the computer is pretty spartan with a ports for power, surround sound, 4 USB 2. The front of the machine is your typical PC though the Dell Dimension E521 AMD Processor grills at the bottom remind me of car grilles.

The power switch is just above the Dell badge on the front. There are two USB 2.

The top of the box contains the Windows Sticker and a latch. The latch is used to remove the side panel making this one of the easiest systems I've seen to get into the box.

This box is smaller than the Pavillion but is fairly uncluttered. Dell likes to add plastic to direct air and to make it easier to install and remove things. The wiring is cleaner than it was on my Pavillions. Note the really odd cutout on the left. The purpose of this cutout appears to be for ventilation. And I suppose that it could be used as a way to grab the system when moving it. The one drawback to the venting is that you can hear disk noise which means that they didn't use a really quiet disk I prefer Seagate and Hitach drives and that there are some pretty big airflow holes in the system.

The upper right houses the power supply in your typical dull aluminum. Dell's website Dell Dimension E521 AMD Processor a Watt DC Power Supply which I would consider adequate and which is one of the reasons I went with a low-end graphics card. Good enough for a budget machine and certainly for my uses. Moving down we see the right half of the motherboard.

CPU microcode ("µCode") is a small piece of software that the hardware manufacturer (Intel, AMD, Nvidia) write to Dell Dimension E521 AMD Processor optimal performance. My E came with the AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core + processor and I read on some other threads that the AMD Athlot 64 X2 Dual-Core.

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