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As optical representations of data, barcodes consist of a series of bars and spaces, with BONA IP-630 widths, which can be scanned and deci- phered by stand-alone readers or scanner apps on smartphones. Each character BONA IP-630 be encoded within a barcode has a unique pattern of bars and spaces that is recognizable to the reader or mobile app. One such type of linear barcoding system is Code 39 Fig.

First Continental Trading, Inc. The FDCPA itself contains no provision creating an implied or express right BONA IP-630 contribution, indemnification or equitable credit, and BONA IP-630 has not contended or shown that federal common law creates such a right.

We therefore hold that Howe is not entitled to any credit for amounts paid by released parties, and a case or controversy as to Conner's claims against Howe still BONA IP-630. The Effect of Conner's Bankruptcy on the Validity of the Lawsuits Howe next asserts that his lawsuit against Conner was void under the applicable stay provisions of the Bankruptcy Code and that Conner's sole remedy against Howe was an action in bankruptcy for violation of the automatic stay.

In pertinent part, 11 U. Here, Conner filed his voluntary Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition on February 22,slightly more than seven months prior to his acquiring the payday loan from ICA, on October 3, Howe filed the collection lawsuit on behalf of ICA on September 12,while the bankruptcy proceeding was still pending. The bankruptcy BONA IP-630 converted from a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 on August 6, Sometime after August 6,Conner filed an amended schedule to include post-petition creditors, including ICA.

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Thus, Howe contends, the lawsuit was void as a matter of law. This position, the effect of which would essentially bar any action on a post-petition debt or contract, has been consistently rejected by the courts. Succession of Roy, F. As these decisions note, actions to obtain a judgment on a cause of action which accrued post-petition are different from actions seeking to enforce a judgment. See, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Consequently, the lawsuit brought by Howe, because it sought to obtain a judgment but not necessarily to enforce it, was not void under the automatic stay, and further, Conner was not required to bring his claim within the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court. Loans made in violation of Ind. A debt collector may not use unfair or unconscionable means to collect or attempt to collect any BONA IP-630. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section: The FDCPA is a strict liability statute and a consumer need not show intentional conduct by the debt collector to be entitled to recover damages.

As admitted in his answer to the Complaint in this action, Howe sued Conner on behalf of ICA in an attempt to collect on the returned NSF check and the payday loan agreement. Howe thus attempted to collect an amount of interest not permitted by law and, since the loan agreement itself was void, Howe's suit BONA IP-630 Conner sought an amount not permitted by a valid agreement establishing that debt. The Act also allows for recovery of attorney fees incurred in connection with a successful enforcement action.

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Rather, Howe seeks to avoid summary judgment based upon the affirmative defense that in filing the lawsuit he made a bona fide error. Accordingly, we turn now to address that averment. Howe argues that he is entitled to BONA IP-630 bona fide error defense because, when he filed the lawsuit against Conner, he was unaware of Conner's pending bankruptcy. Had he been aware of the bankruptcy, Howe claims he never would have filed suit against Conner. However, in making this argument, Howe ignores the obvious nonsequitor in his analysis.

Conner does BONA IP-630 claim that Howe's filing of the lawsuit against him during the pendency of his bankruptcy violated the FDCPA. His claim is based on Howe's admitted attempt to collect on the illegal and therefore void loan. The fact of the pendency of the bankruptcy is irrelevant to the bona fide error defense, because it is not a defense at all to Howe's filing the suit on the basis of a loan made void under Indiana law. As previously noted, the filing of a collection suit based on a post-bankruptcy loan agreement does not in and of itself violate the bankruptcy stay provisions. Assuming Howe's error in filing suit during the pendency of the bankruptcy was, indeed, an excusable mistake, in terms of its being a defense to this lawsuit, it is entirely irrelevant, because this suit is premised on an entirely different error by Howe. The more compelling issue, in reviewing a bona fide error defense BONA IP-630 this case, is whether the filing of a lawsuit in an attempt to collect the principal and interest on a loan of a type which the Indiana Supreme Court found to be illegal and void only three weeks earlier was a bona fide error on the part of Howe, and if so, did he have procedures in place to protect against the commission of that error.

Whether this argument would prove availing we do not decide because Howe never makes it. Even if he had, we have our doubts about its ultimate success, in light of the significance of the Livingston holding and the fact that the decision related to the area of legal practice in which Howe specializes. In the final analysis, Howe's bona fide error affirmative defense lacks evidentiary and legal legs.

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Statutory Deceit and Common Law Attorney Deceit In Indiana, by statute, a person may be held civilly liable for treble damages if, as a result of that person's violation of Indiana's criminal deceit law, he has caused another to suffer pecuniary damages. Indiana law also recognizes an action for common law fraud or deceit, under which, if the person committing such fraud or deceit is an attorney, treble damages are available. It is possible to install a generic driver for these cards, however it will typically only allow one input to be used at a time. Key The device supports video output in this format, or PTZ control for this device is supported. The device does not support video output in this format, or PTZ control for this devices is unsupported. Support for this video format or PTZ control of this device is unknown or undetermined.

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