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All of his needs could have easily be done with a dual core CPU. Yet, as always, there were people that try to convince individuals that they need a quad core to do basically nothing. The low cost processor coupled with a new H55 chip set motherboard is the making of a pretty decent build. The new i3 speeds can top 3. And with the iGPU on the CPU you don't Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID to worry about going out and spending well earned cash on a graphic cards. As much as MB of graphic ram is more than enough to support the big screen television sitting in the living. Granted the only thing that will not change when building a new box based on the new Intel chip set is the price of the ram. Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID me get off the soapbox and get to the review. Asrock is known to make an affordable motherboards for the masses.

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What I like about Asrock now is that we don't have to wait for them to produce a motherboard on current chip sets. They are releasing them on launch, so that Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID you are on a budget, you don't have to wait to build.

The H55 is the newest thing to come from Intel. Asrock put a lot into this motherboard to make it media friendly. Asrock is no longer taking a backseat to the "higher tier" motherboard manufacturers.

They say little things come in big packages and that saying holds true for this new motherboard. The H55 falls Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID line with all the other early released Hbased motherboard with its size: This new chip set was aimed at the media buff as well as the consumer that is not looking to game a lot. But if you do you can always add a GPU later. The small size does not take away from the fact that this is a complete motherboard. The layout is about as perfect as you can get when trying to pack all the connectors, slot and plugs onto such a small surface area. This color is far more attractive than the teal color of their older boards.

We begin our tour in the upper right hand corner where the DIMM slots dominate. Many of the mATX produced at limited to just two memory slots. Additional links to the manufacturer's product page and a mainstream vendor's product page are always appreciated too. And Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID special build tips or BIOS settings changes are always helpful.

An explanation of what the "Tested Level" column means The first level should require at least Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID drives limit of free licenseshould have successfully computed parity, and should have successfully checked parity. A syslog should be posted to make sure there are no nasties that might point to compatibility issues. The syslog will also document parity check performance. The second level should be a user with at least 6 drives limit of Plus license that has run for a month without a power down, had a successful parity check at the beginning and end of the month. A syslog should be posted here for that period. The syslog s will provide some evidence of good functionality, and running the parity checks will establish good habits going forward.

Those looking to make purchase decisions will have more to go on than a casual statement of "it works perfect.

The boards listed here have been added by users like you. They very likely have not tested all features of the board, so it is possible that a board listed here as compatible, will not prove compatible with your hardware. As negative Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID come in, they will be added to this list. Motherboard The motherboard is probably the biggest and most important decision that you will make. There are 3 ways to go: If you own or are considering a Gigabyte board, you need to Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID aware of the HPA issue.

It is recommended that you sort on 'Date Added', in order to locate current motherboards, those most recently added. Many boards listed below are now obsolete and discontinued. Those without dates should be considered very old. Sort by clicking twice on the little box with Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID triangles, at the bottom of the 'Date Added' column header. Note to editors: Perhaps in future we should add another column for it.

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Asrock H55M-GE SATA RAID free download. Get the latest version now. CPU- Supports Intel Core i7 / i5 / i3 and Pentium G Processors in. H55M-GE R Supports Dual Channel DDR3 +(OC) Intel® H Memory.


- Dual Channel DDR3 memory 2 x SATA Data Cables. Hardware Monitor.

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