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Warning Now, some of you would guess there would be something to worry about when unlocking these cores.


When unlocking these cores, your computer may not boot. Just reset your CMOS after this.

Do not attempt this without looking at the motherboard list and BIOSes below. Ignore the Asrock A790GX128MBios 1.40 clocks. Yours may be different. Setting that to AUTO is a must. For some of you with nVidia chipsets, it may be called NCC.

ASROCK CONROE1333-D667 - V3.0 User Manual: Motherboard Layout

Wait for your computer to reboot after this point. The Original post is pretty out dated I seem to be lucky, I didn't even update the drivers and had no problems, I have back dated Asrock A790GX128MBios 1.40 bios just for testing and went back to the newest. I have thrown Asrock A790GX128MBios 1.40 unmatched memory and still run quad, have thrown in all kinds of memory not on the list and never had a problem. I noticed you posted somewhere about memory and how now it's important to be on the list.


Which is almost impossible, most times the memory is outdated and not for sale, then there is no memory over 4gb, most everyone is running 8, 16, 32, and not one in the list, so how does anyone get it when there is nothing listed. No problem with multipliers or any OC? If not, great, and interesting too, the key may be not updating the drivers, really just IME or actually apparently the IME firmware version. Or I should say, I say that to people that are Asrock A790GX128MBios 1.40 that the randomly selected memory they have did not work. This and other forums Asrock A790GX128MBios 1.40 filled with memory compatibility problems with new mother boards.

Download Asrock BIOS drivers - Page

Those people are looking for a definite answer about what memory works. If I don't use the board they have, what else can I tell them? Yes the list is very limited and incomplete, but it is safe to recommend using the list. Many users with this issue complain about needing to buy new memory, they can't afford it. That also means they don't have any other memory to even try using. I have memory that is said to work with CPU X and chipset Y by the manufacture, but did not work in that case. I've also used mismatched sets of the Asrock A790GX128MBios 1.40 model that work fine. I have mixed memory models in DDR2 memory boards that worked fine.

Just set it up a few hours ago. At first I wasn't able to unlock the cores with out a blue screen, but after flashing the BIOS with the update and trying again. I was able to unlock all 4 cores and over clocked the cores to 3. By default it was only supposed to run 2 cores at a speed of 3. It was very easy to do really, left everything on auto and set the ACC options to 4 cores and activated "Unleash".

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I ran it that way for a while, then I just had to try and over clock that. Went back in the BIOS and changed the core multiplier to x I left all the other options alone and kept them on auto.

It was that easy, its been stable so far, only blue screens if I try to go beyond 3. I'm using it right now to type up this and have CPU ID, yahoo messenger, adobe reader and the bios flash program active in the memory, I been croping photos and Asrock A790GX128MBios 1.40 the internet. So far so good, but it may change.

The downside is I can not see my core temperatures, I'll try to post more info if anything happens that may be of use. Integrated AMD Radeon HD graphics, DX10 class iGPU, Pixel Shader Asrock A790GX128MBios 1.40, Max. Supports ASRock Instant Boot, Smart BIOS, OC Tuner, Intelligent Energy Saver. - Support for Socket AM2+ / AM2 processors: AMD Phenom™ FX / Phenom / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core / Athlon X2 Missing: ‎ ‎Must include: ‎ Download Z87 motherboard series product information provided by ASRock Inc., a professional Z87 motherboard manufacturer AGM-LE/M,8/31/, Update Asrock A790GX128MBios 1.40 code. AGX/M,7/2/, Update CPU code.

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