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Navigation is split between a four-way rocker with a center select button for the main menus and file browsing and a set of four buttons just beneath that for contextual menus. All are located on the right of the screen, providing a clean analog interface, though we wish the contextual buttons were a bit larger or separated more. The main menus themselves are very simple and professional-looking, and browsing files is a breeze. The contextual menus provide lots of flexibility in a manageable way, and thumbnail previews load more quickly than on other devices.

We also had no Archos AV 500 at all using the AV with online subscription services like Napster.

Loading photos was a little trickier: Video Recording We were anxious to try out the AV 's main feature, so we jumped right in and hooked the device up to our TV to record some programming. We had to plug the AC adapter into the TV Docking Pod and connect it to the AV in order to record, which was a minor inconvenience, but once we got set up, recording was Archos AV 500 breeze.

: Archos AV 30 GB Multimedia Player and DVR: Home Audio & Theater

The player lets you record video at up to 2. If you're recording a copy-protected DVD, however, you can record only in Optimal mode. We recorded at a few different bit rates and found them to be watchable even on the lower end around Kbps. Recorded video is smooth, with minimal shimmering at highest quality setting 2. We did note that in VGA mode, the bottom of the screen where the headline ticker on a news channel is gets cut off. Also, if you change channels a lot during a recording, the Archos AV 500 sync can fall significantly behind. Since the AV picks up the copy protection from protected DVDs, you can't watch that content on an external monitor Archos AV 500 on your PC, but we don't think this is such a big deal, since you can always bring the DVD with you to play at a friend's house.

That and the built-in LCD is bright and sharp, with very good viewing angles, so we were able to watch a feature-length movie comfortably with minimal eye fatigue. Recording is pretty flexible. On the plus side, the battery is removable, so at least you can stock a spare coming soon, price to be determined for long trips.

Operating the Archos AV is relatively simple, thanks to its lovely icon-driven interface, though the controls aren't immediately intuitive. The D-pad is easy enough to figure out, but what about the two extra buttons Archos AV 500 either corner? They're for rapid scrolling through lengthy song lists.

Technical Specification

Equally mysterious, at least initially, are the four buttons below the D-pad. They're used with context-sensitive Action menus that appear in the neighboring corner of the screen. Ultimately, there's nothing complicated about using the AV, especially after you learn the controls, but the lack of meaningful button labels creates unnecessary confusion. Archos AV 500, the dock doesn't cradle the AV, and its curved top makes a poor platform for the unit. Whether or not the dock is connected, you can control the AV via the included full-size remote, which seems almost comically large compared with the AV itself. The camera's cable has an in-line remote control for easy MPEG-4 recording and a built-in microphone; the camera itself is mountable.

The Mini-Cam, despite its Archos AV 500, is way cool; it can be used in a variety of situations, such as extreme sporting activities. In terms of sharpness and low-light performance, video quality on this color CCD camera is decent too.

It's an audio player and a recorder; a video player and Archos AV 500 recorder; a voice recorder; a photo viewer; and a portable hard drive. And like its aforementioned predecessors, Archos AV 500 AV has the enviable ability to record TV shows at scheduled times, something few other PVPs can do. The AV's 4-inch-wide screen is a delight.


However, this no longer seems like such a coup. The minicam records video directly to the Archos' hard disk drive in Divx format.

Archos AV Mobile DVR review: Archos AV Mobile DVR - CNET

The camera is Archos AV 500 from the AV unit via its single video cable. The AV was Archos AV 500 on Friday June 10, Archos has replaced the AV product line with its Generation 4 series. Jump to AV - The Archos AV series plays Divx/Xvid and WMV9 format video; MP3 and WAV audio files; and displays JPEG and BMP graphic recording‎: ‎MPEG-4 SP, up to VGA resol. User Manual for ARCHOS™ AV series. Version Please visit our website to download the most recent manual and software for this product. 2.



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