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But been reprogrammed by the first author, and is now again there are a host of such approaches, and again implemented as a MATLAB 5. This technique differs principally from the above It is imperative that all these parameters, as well as in that the FFT works in a transformed domain. This the scaling of the axes, always be held constant when AMT IJ-W3X very often a great advantage computationally. With the outputs are to be compared w2x. Images to be our present foray into the possibilities for real-time compared should of course also be kept in the same powder characterizations, we are only interested in size and resolution. Green chan- ance of the powder, not of the dispersed individual nels of all images are used for AMT calculations in particles.

Intuitively, it is believed that powder char- the present applications, since they are of optimal acterizationrdiscrimination is intimately related to contrast. Subsequently, they are unfolded row-wise the characterization of the complexity, roughness, AMT IJ-W3X 1-D vector measurement series. It is important periodicity, irregularity, etc. Powders come in excruciatingly many imagery be aligned with the horizontal trace of the forms, of very significantly different particle sizes, axis of oblique illumination.

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This requirement was shapes, surface roughness, density, AstickinessB, flu- not properly emphasized in our earlier work, e. Hith- w2x. This has caused 6 J.

Image of a rough concrete surface. Image of a smooth glass surface. Comparison of spectra from both images. Note the spectra for rough surface lie AMT IJ-W3X above those for the glass surface at all scales. Images showing different aspects of very regular periodic textures and their corresponding AMT spectra. Esbensenr Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 54 1—19 7 great difficulties to both academic research and in- patterns with predominantly identical periodicities in dustry. MA shows coarse texture. AMT IJ-W3X


There is also an example to give the that both have AMT IJ-W3X identical characteristic scales reader a first feel for how the AMT description of throughout but with clearly differentiating character- periodic textures appears. The MDY spectra likewise indi- Fig. The corresponding AMT spectra for both distinction can be drawn between their MDY spectra images are shown in AMT IJ-W3X right panel.

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The MA-levels for the glass image are much tra, regardless of the AMT IJ-W3X similar shapes. AMT IJ-W3X lower at all scales than for the concrete image, as are AMT spectra for image Fig. It is, therefore, straightforward to discriminate has much more textural intricacy, roughness, etc. These examples, Fig. Fourier transform. The distin- exact and discriminating characterizations of typical guishing peaks in MA show clearly the periodic features as encountered in powder descriptions, e. Acharacteristic anglesB, which reflect the periodici- localrglobal smoothnessrroughness, as well as vari- ties. The sinusoidal MDY-spectra also show this ous forms of localrglobal periodicities.

Real-world strong periodicity.

Detailed comparison plot of MA relationships for the two images in Fig. Detailed comparison plot of MDY relationships for the two images in Fig. An overview of their basic characteristics follows: Discriminability of AMT spectra of powder im- ages v Microdol MD is a limestone material with Here we illustrate on a set of real-world powders crystalline structure. These lized in cosmetics and in AMT IJ-W3X production. Note the very varying appearances for selected parameters such as particle size, color, shape, roughness, etc. Extremely fine-grained.

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Cement powders are AMT IJ-W3X cohesive, compared to others. The raw images of these powders are shown in Fig. Note that they differ greatly from each other in many aspects such as particle size, color, shape, roughness, etc.

Raw, unfolded 1-D series from the original reference pow- ment, alumina and MD have particularly smooth der images. Extensive overlap, signifying extremely low discrim- curves, signifying much less complexity, when im- inability in AMT IJ-W3X original 1-D spatial domain.

6.76 c w3x

By contrast, the four re- maining powders display higher complexities AMT IJ-W3X v Polythene pellets are quasi-spherical particles used grain sizes, etc. Compared have by far the most complex spectra. This is be- to the other powders illustrated here, they have a cause the rape seeds have relatively larger, and more relatively large particle size. The and used for synthetic oil production. PVC pellets have the largest overall grain-sizes but v Sand — ALeighton Buzzard sandB, which appears with more regular surfaces, almost uniform color and yellowish with relatively sharp edges and narrow, shape. (AMT Datasouth does not provide printer drivers for ACCEL and NOTE: Certain drivers are unavailable in bit, for workarounds goto: FAQ Accel series.

In the present applica- which AMT calculates a mean angle measure ŽMA., tion. The PCA model needs one paper w3x.

component to explain over 97% of.

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