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Network Utilities. Front Panel The front panel of the Router features six lights: If Actiontec GT701-WRU Power light glows steadily green, the Router is receiving power and fully operational.

When the Power light flashes rapidly, the Router is initializing. If the Power light is not illuminated when the power cord is plugged in, the Router has suffered a critical error and technical support should be contacted. When it glows red, the Router is not connected to the Internet. Wireless Light The Wireless light illuminates when the Router is connected wirelessly. Actiontec GT701-WRU restore the Router's factory default settings, depress and hold the Reset switch for approximately 15 seconds. The reset process will start about 10 seconds after releasing the switch. N Warning: Do not unplug the Power cord from the Router during the reset process. Doing so may result in permanent damage to the Router. It is recommended the user run the Installation Buddy first, before attempting any other procedures.

To set up the Router, it must be connected to a computer and a cable modem or set top box, and then Actiontec GT701-WRU. After connecting this first computer, other computers can be added to the network via Ethernet, USB, or wirelessly see "Setting Up a Network" on page Connecting the Router to a Computer and Cable Modem This section describes the installation procedure to connect the Router to a computer and cable modem.


If connecting the Router to a computer and set top box, see page The Installation Buddy starts automatically. Wait until the following screen appears, read Actiontec GT701-WRU on-screen instructions, select the service provider by clicking in the appropriate circle, then click Next. Of course, you can build a strong hash password with special character, numbers, greek and latin.


Windows Me 1. Click IP Address.

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Windows 1. A Actiontec GT701-WRU may be displayed after the Local Area Connection. If more than one Local Area Connection is listed, locate the one that corresponds to the network card installed in the computer by finding the name of the network card in the Device Name column. Select General, then click Properties.

Actiontec GT701-WRU General. The Local Area Connection Properties window disappears. The window disappears. Windows XP 1. From the menu that appears, select Control Panel. If more than one Local Area Connection is listed, locate Actiontec GT701-WRU one that corresponds to the network card installed in your computer by finding the name of the network card in the Device Name column.

Select General. When a computer is connected to the Internet, it can exchange information with any other computer on the Internet. This allows a computer user to send E-mail, surf the World Wide Web, download files, and buy products and services online, but it also makes the computer vulnerable to attack from persons Actiontec GT701-WRU on doing harm. It's easy to open ports in the Actiontec GT701-WRU GTWRU. You can be done in under 5 minutes. Just follow our simple 4 step guide. Actiontec - GTWRU (Actiontec Firmware) Port Forwarding Guide For automatic port forwarding try Simple Port Forwarding. Step 1. Some routers & modems.

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