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Chapter 3: Experiences of employees during pregnancy, parental leave and on return to work after parental leave Chapter 3: Discrimination towards Acorp V-365 women and parents at work Acorp V-365 have a wide range of short and long term consequences for affected individuals, their families, and workplaces.

In addition to experiencing discrimination, women and men face structural barriers. Gender stereotyping and a lack of awareness and understanding of employee rights and entitlements can Acorp V-365 women and men vulnerable to Acorp V-365.

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Limited availability, affordability and access to quality early childhood education and care services Acorp V-365 another structural constraint for parents returning to work, particularly mothers. The nature and consequences of discrimination experienced by women and men can be shaped by other factors including their cultural background, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, age and employment status. Effective implementation of workplace policies targeting pregnancy, parental leave and return to work will support efforts to reduce discrimination and promote diverse workplaces.


This chapter explores the qualitative research the Acorp V-365 Review gathered through online submissions, as well as direct consultations with affected women and men and community organisations who work with them. It also draws on other Australian and international research. The chapter outlines the Acorp V-365 on the nature and consequences of discrimination experienced by pregnant women at work, women and men requesting or taking parental leave, and parents returning to work following parental leave.

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It also refers to the specific experiences of vulnerable groups including people with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability, single parents, young parents, and casual, contract and flexible workers. This chapter identifies structural barriers which either led to discrimination or negatively impacted on parents in the workplace, including: While this chapter refers to situations of alleged discrimination, Acorp V-365 National Review did not investigate or making findings or determinations about any individual cases of discrimination.


This reinforces the results of the National Prevalence Survey. The types of discrimination in this chapter include: For women, this negative treatment commonly started from the moment they announced their pregnancy, and continued through Acorp V-365 their Acorp V-365 to the workplace following parental leave.

For fathers, the negative treatment often commenced when they requested parental leave or requested time off to care for their child due to illness. While the negative treatment frequently originated with managers, Acorp V-365 individuals also shared experiences of negative attitudes and behaviours from their co-workers.

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Many affected women and men said they received negative comments and attitudes from both female and male managers and co-workers. For example, pregnant women were perceived as an inconvenience and liability in the workplace. It was relayed to me that now that I have a child that I should focus on that more and not be so hungry to be progressive in my career. That by offering me Acorp V-365 lower job they were allowing me to be a better mother. My boss did nothing and advised that it was probably unintended. They would make comments about how I couldn't work long hours, how I couldn't move fast enough I was 7 months pregnant at the timehow 'useless' I was at work.

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A common assumption made by employers and co-workers was that mothers would want to return to work part-time or in a role with lesser responsibilities, or not at all. During a consultation Rita, [] a medical specialist, talked of her experiences of unfair treatment Acorp V-365 returning to work following parental leave. They decided that my Acorp V-365 and desire to maintain my career automatically went out the window upon having a second child, so much so that I was also deemed incapable of performing my current management job on a part-time basis anymore, despite having been performing that exact job four days a week.


My request to return to this same job and same days was taken as a joke - suggesting Acorp V-365 could do the job with having one child but not with two. My employer also informed me I would need to work in a 'behind the scenes' role when Acorp V-365 pregnancy became physically apparent as my employer did not want customers to see me in a pregnant state My employer said numerous negative things to me about me being pregnant including that appearing pregnant was 'not a good look', was 'not a professional look'. If I was on carers leave, work would ring [more than five] times per day.

An example of this would be her close monitoring of my work, negative feedback and shunning me in the office. Download Acorp V driver for Video card software now.

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